Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the day after ..

So it's the day after the presidential election & my Facebook page last night was all atwitter with rants & praises when it was announced that Obama was re-elected as President.  I was going to write a post about my feelings on the matter .. but then I decided not to.  Let's keep this politic-free for as long as possible.  Whether or not he was the candidate of my choice, he is the President of the United States for 4 more years.

On a different topic, I bought the wrong cut of pork the other day.  Instead of purchasing a pork butt, I purchased a bone in shoulder roast.  Five pounds of it.  Gah!  So I decided to make pulled pork.  I now have a crap load of pulled pork ..

I'm hoping to make posole today but depending on how Evan is, I may not be able to make it to the market and get some of the stuff I'm missing.  And now, my little booger is waking up from his nap ..

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