Tuesday, November 20, 2012

diy storage bin, part 2

So I finally got around to finishing my storage bins.  The space under Evan's changing table had enough space to perfectly fit 3 bins.  Since it's going in Evan's room, I couldn't make it too girly (sad face).  BUT!  I found this really cute fabric that was perfect for the boxes. It's a brown, denim-like fabric with some sparkle.  Not too much to make it overwhelmingly girly, but just enough so that it makes me happy and I could still put it in my baby boy's room for now without my husband feeling like I'm trying to feminize our son.  There's another story there too.  But we'll get to that another time.  Right now, it's about the storage bins!

see the white flecks? that's the sparkle! :)

I got one finished up yesterday and I'm going to be finishing up the rest of them today.  Here's the side by side comparison of the finished and the non-finished product.

Cute, right?!  You can't even tell that these were cheap old cardboard boxes.  I used about a yard of fabric for each bin.  I covered the insides and the bottoms of the bins because I didn't like looking in and seeing the cardboard.  My fabric came out to $2 / yard.  So it basically was $2 per bin for me since they came from diaper boxes that were going to be thrown out anyways.  Cheap!  Well, for the upcycled storage bin.  The diapers, on the other hand, are a whole different story.  We're not going to get into that today.

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