Thursday, January 3, 2013

words simply can't express ..

On my BabyCenter birth board, there is a family (whose strength is phenomenal) and a beautiful baby boy, named Logan, battling with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy).  Their story will move you and make you thankful for all the people that are still able to be in your life.  They remind me that each and every day I get to spend with my baby and loved ones is an absolute gift from God because at any moment, anyone can be taken away from you.

I actually think about their baby boy, Logan, a lot.  He is so beautiful.  It breaks my heart that they have to go through this and that there is no cure for him.  Lately, I've found myself to be more cautious with my words so I don't inadvertently hurt someone's feelings.  I've found myself trying to see things through other people's eyes.  In general, I have been just a little bit more compassionate.  Thank you to the Ruth family for putting strength back in my heart once again.  They inspire me to be a better person.  With their strength, they can inspire anyone with a soul to be a better person.

Go on over there and show them some love and support please:

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  1. So, I'm about 17 days late finding this... :)

    But I just had to comment and thank you for helping us spread awareness. I do not have the words to adequately express how happy I am that Logan is able to make such a different in peoples lives. I don't believe I have made such an impact in my 25 years that he has in 6 months.

    Thank you for such kind and inspiring words to us. This warmed my heart tonight <3